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Seeing red and lines

Three artists feature in a show at Galerie Mirchandani+Steinruecke: Reena Saini Kallat, Nicola Durvasula and CK Rajan. They present a study in contrasts, yet 'match' perfectly together as the exhibition flows through the space. As Ranjana Steinruecke of the gallery says, sometimes things that have no connection work well together.

Perhaps the most evocative section is Kallat's installation. Called Walls of the Womb, it is the story of mother-hood, seen through the eyes of a child and with the experience of a woman.It consists of scrolls of silk, saris dyed in differently vivid reds draped from breast-ended pelmets against pink-red walls, each with a different, distinct message. And it speaks of the warmth and softness of a mother-daughter bond, with the subliminal violence of childbirth. The artist lost her own mother when she was very young, and so has a distance from the relationship itself -this she shows

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