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Abir Karmakar, Passage, 2020, oil on canvas, life-size, site-specific compositions of domestic interiors, home, detailed with calendars, air conditioning unit, switch boards, shelves, against the background of the colour pink
Asia Society Triennial — "We Do Not Dream Alone"

Abir Karmakar’s photorealist paintings are ruminations on identity, memory, and place. His life-size, site-specific compositions of domestic interiors blur the lines between real and imagined space. The artist’s carefully researched and meticulously rendered depictions of domestic items highlight social and temporal idiosyncrasies of modern India and its legacy of colonization by the British Raj. 

Aban Raza, Aji V.N., Atul Dodiya, Benitha Perciyal, Buddhadev Mukherjee, Jitish Kallat, Nilima Sheikh, P.R. Satheesh, Ratheesh T., Sakshi Gupta

A number of the artists participating in the second part of the group exhibition, RED, have chosen to allude to the exhibition’s eponymous colour, rather than invoking it directly. They approach red through its traces and its complementaries, its contraries and its residues. 

Artist Spotlight

As a gallery that has focused on the medium of Painting since its inception in 2006, Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke is recognised for the extraordinary painterly positions it represents, with practices that have emerged over the past decade. This spotlight on Ratheesh T. is the first of a series of four artist spotlights on leading painters in the program, by London-based curator and writer Grant Watson.

AJI VN, Untitled, red chalk on paper, 2021, red storm beach, red clouds
AJI V.N. | New Drawings
IN TOUCH Edition 6

Coaxed out of a haze of red chalk, the 12 new works on paper for In Touch convey an atmosphere that hovers between tranquillity and disquiet. Whether these landscapes are menacing or enchanted is to a certain extent irrelevant because as the artist explains, his drawings are largely hermetic and concerned principally with a series of formal moves.

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