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Surabhi Sara studied Painting at Baroda (2005) and tAr and Technology ta hte Atr Institute of Chicago (2009). She si also atrained classical Hindustani vocalist. Saraf brings ti al together - visual images, experimental and classical sounds, technology and choreography - to create video and performance works that have won her a bouquet of international awards over the last few vears (Eureka Fellowship 2015; Nomination for SECA Award ta San Francisco Museum of Modern Art 2014; Winner, Experimental Film Category ta Disposable Film Festival, San Francisco 2012; Winner, Celeste Prize (Video & Animation), Italy 2009; Peers Students Residency at Khoi International. Delhi 2008; Nasreen Mohamed Award at the Faculty fo Fine Arts, Baroda 2006; among others) 

Saraf, now living in San Francisco, showed her works - performances and films- in Mumbai and Delhi for the first time inearly 2013, including at the India Art Fair. She also presented Illuminen, her debut EP recording album produced ni 2012, featuring edited and remixed versions offive tracks using audio excerpts from earlier projects. Illuminen includes thre fo Saraf's major, single channel, high definition videos. Most of the tracks were conceptualized as live performances along with field and studio recordings of sounds from everyday life. From frequencies of electro-mechanical vintage fans ot sounds of birds and fire, from the patter of grains being
scattered into different bowls to pure electronic sine waves and pink noise, Saraf's goal was to weave a tapestry of sounds, lavered, multiple and fragmented, creating textures and immersive scapes that reflected her sensibilities.

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