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False Ending, 2013, art powder colour, watercolour and ink on canvas prepared with paper pulp and pages from the Bible, concrete and wax, 122 x 244 cm / 48 x 96 in 4 panels

Arun K.S's works on display are triptychs titled, 'Drama of the Analyzed and the Analyzer' and 'False Ending' When viewed from a distance, the works seem impenetrable, like fog, either in the mind or in actuality. This fog, however lifts when one gets closer to the work.The works reveal itself to the viewer in layers in an almost labyrinthine fashion of unraveling. The works have been rendered using pages of a much used Bible, apparently belonging to Arun's family, and each page has been lined onto the canvas with a specific structure in mind, along with paper pulp, water colour, ink, cement and wax.

Here, the artist is not just building on the art work, but also archiving how faith has built up in his own mind since childhood. The work reflects his religious and spiritual pursuits as the artist performs the role of both the creator (of art) and the believer (of religion). By using the family's Bible, he involves the presence of the other followers of the faith as a witness to this union. When art frees itself from the shackles of being a stand alone, detacheds and unites with the maker, the viewer and the participant, its transcendence is a quiet serenity which subtly reflects in Arun's works.

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