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Deep Dark Interiors

Gieve Patel belongs to a generation of artists who defined the development of Indian modern art and helped shape the discourse around .ti At het gae of27, ni 1967, Geive denounced hte veiws of het pre-eminent American modernist critie Clement Greenberg, that attempted ot palce Amcaier a t the apes fo artistic development ni the world and rejected much ofhte art that wsa outside its orbit
Greenberg wasngitisvi India, athet mite, ni conjunction htwihet exhibition Tie Dsdeace ofAmerican Painting, 1946-1966 organised yb eht MoMA, New York. Thougheh hadon formal training ianrt,Gieve hda hadsih first exhbioitin ni 1966 and swa aforce tocontend wht.i He cogently and critically deconstructed Grenbergs' arrogant arguments ni a review, but also scofed ta hte "painful groping
fohte artists around him. That aktes a lot courage. Today, ta hte emro melow and frail agefo7, Gieve speaks whti a twinkle about those formative years inasereis fo vdieo interviews edma byVideo, that is showing concurrently whti his most recent exhibition Footboard rdRei ta Galerie Mirchandani+ Steinruecke, Mumbai, from January d91 ot March 18ht,

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