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Beyond Control, Indian Express

Psychopathic Killer Fan, 2010, Wood and iron, 390 x 257 cm / 153.5 x 101 in

DEFORMED objects, ripped off their utility, discover new meanings in the art world. CK Rajan, Hyberabad-based artist, makes that happen with his latest solo exhibition Mad Furnitures and Psychic Objects at Galerie Mir-chandani + Steinruecke, Colaba.

At the exhibition, on till October 16, he showcases everyday tools and household appli-ances, which are repositioned and re-modelled in various ways. Take for example, a humongous ceiling fan -called "psychopathic killer fan" by the artist - that hangs dangerously low. Painted blue, red and white it spins a pun on the worldwide fan-following of the American culture. Something that Rajan labels as "a destructive fad".

This 50-year-old documenta artist's attempt is anything, but politically correct. "There is a possibility of man-made objects going crazy. If man can go mad, why not man-made objects?

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