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RATNA KHANNA, Untitled XVI, 2015, glass and film 244 x 92 cm / 96 x 36 in, installation view


Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke is delighted to present ‘Every Place’, the first solo exhibition in India, of New Delhi-based artist Ratna Khanna.

Ratna Khanna’s work speaks to themes involving (and at times conflating) the built and natural environment, geography, and spatial ambiguity, and the effect these have on individual and collective memory and ambition. Through interventions employing photography, sculpture and drawing, she explores perception when challenged by reality.

The photographs in the exhibition investigate our perception of place through the blurring of metaphysical distinctions. Within the frame, these places exist on their own plane, created as much by the viewer’s imagination as the artist’s. They do not exist as real objects or monuments outside the photograph.

The sculptures expand on the formal vocabulary of the photographs. Of reflective surfaces, they engage thoughts on subjectivity in the relationship between the imaginary and the real. The sculptures use scale and illusory devices to inspire thoughts on artifice and the role reflections have in how we view ourselves, and our surrounding landscape in regard to the other.

The idea of light and the mirror – integral to Ratna’s work throughout – manifests itself in the fine graphite drawings in the form of refracted meditations.

‘Every Place’ suggests human imagination as a tool for remaking and reshaping a better world. Drawing from anthropologist David Harvey’s theory of Geographical Imagination and philosopher and educator Maxine Greene’s conviction, ‘To imagine is to make empathy possible’, Ratna makes a case not only for noticing the complexities of everyday life through spatial imagination, but also for the use of imagination in taking notice of a person’s being in the world and the implication in making and remaking our daily geographies while being made by them ourselves.

Born 1980 in New Delhi, Ratna Khanna attained an MFA in Photography and Imaging Arts from Rochester Institute of Technology and a BFA in Liberal Arts from the University of Pennsylvania. Most recently, her work has been shown at the Center for Photography at Woodstock (CPW), Woodstock, NY (2015); ‘Rite of Passage’, Art*ry Gallery, Kochi (2015); ‘Art for Young Collectors’, Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke, Mumbai (2014); ‘Archetype’, University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA (2014); and ‘Industrial Drawing and Portraiture’, Clark House, Mumbai (2013). She lives and works in New Delhi.


Ratna Khanna