Exhibitions > 2014 > Art For Young Collectors, 2014 ( Aug - Sept )

RATNA KHANNA, The Plain, 2014, photographic print, 76 x 76 cm / 30 x 30 in


In the August / September 2014 edition of Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke’s ‘Art for Young Collectors’, the gallery continues its commitment to finding new and contemporary voices at the beginning of their artistic trajectories and careers. Touching upon media varying from works on paper, to re-contextualised materials, to photography, the six artists presented in the show: Abhinav Yagnik, Manali Rawat, Ragini Bhow, Rajesh Kargutkar, Ratna Khanna and Sandip Kuriakose mirror society and the self, in a sophisticated handling of subject and form.

Ragini Bhow creates a sculptural landscape with low and high tech materials that evoke the female form.  Her use of wood and neon also brings to mind a certain spirituality. Rajesh Kargutkar’s watercolours heighten an exploration of the female body, locating them on a larger socio-political map. Sandip Kuriakose’s installation, which occupies an entire room in the gallery, takes as its point of departure the Naz Foundation vs. the Govt. of NCT of Delhi case.  Inspired by Khayyam, Manali Rawat works with clay – a humble medium rarely seen as worthy of the white cube – to bring to life the four elements in a nod to the ancient art of pottery. Ratna Khanna plays with memory and space. She creates little homes on paper and then recreates them as objects that she photographs, in a layering of image and illusion. Abhinav Yadav’s drawings depict a fantastic grasp of spatiality through which he explores childhood dreams and nightmares.

It stands to reason that this show, while featuring disparate artists whose praxes have little to do with each other, is very much rooted in the now. Perhaps due to the generation they are part of, and the times we live in, the news we keep up with, the artists look for great depth within their varied interests, and refuse the existing rules of what is unacceptable, through a strong and clear visual language supported by research, and learning.