Exhibitions > 2010 > Music from an Unknown Source

Installation view


Sigmar Polke's first solo exhibition in India, 'Music from an Unknown Source' presents a fascinating array of forty large-format gouaches made in 1996. To quote Goetz Adriani who curated the exhibition for IFA, "While not overwhelming viewers, I wanted to provide an insight into Polke's stylistic, formal and iconographic language at the same time as demonstrating his ironic use of disjointed multiple layers, his love of experiment and the breadth of variation in his work." 

One of the most significant painters of the post war era, Polke's art is characterised by an alert response to the feeling of the times and its special power of regeneration. His work sensualises thought, even as it explores the very problems inherent in painting.  He often takes an ironical position distancing himself from things which enables him to turn his attention above and beyond issues of content, to the form and the material nature of painting. His delight in intersecting, cutting up and revealing motifs together with his unbridled curiosity, led Polke's painting to artistic terra nova and realms of great complexity. His work is replete with moments of covert and overt anticipation. A complex web of diversity is not only evident within individual pictures but also stretches — retrospectively — between works that might otherwise appear to be temporal and aesthetic poles apart.


Sigmar Polke was born in 1941 in Oels Silesia and studied Painting at the Art Academy in Dusseldorf. His works have been shown at leading galleries and museums in Europe and the USA in solo as well as group exhibitions, including documenta 5, 6 and 7 in Kassel. Sigmar Polke passed away on June 10, 2010 in Cologne.