Exhibitions > 2006 > Landscapes Towards A Supreme Fiction

Farewell Party, 2004, oil on canvas 183 x 214 cm, 72 x 84 inches


Jyothi Basu's art has always been deeply influenced by his home state of Kerala, with its dense palm tree jungles and aquatic horizons where back-water canals meet the sea. After a few years of living in the megalopolis of Mumbai, Jyothi Basu has imbibed the language of forms and patterns of chaos endemic to the city to come up with yet another synthesis of opposites, now the urban and the rural. Both are grist for his mill that pictures vegetation as an electronic grid, roadways as jungle vines, trees as concrete towers, and night skies as syncopated lighting.

In large-scale oil paintings and a wide variety of works on paper, Jyothi Basu wills into being a universe of his own making: hallucinatory and timeless yet grounded in astute observations of the world in which we live. His art playfully synthesizes profound conflagrations, sees delight inextricably bound to terror. Symbolism combines with landscape in ways that reaffirm the essential independence of Basu's vision, which idiosyncratically accommodates many different kinds of thinking, in both a visual and a thematic sense.


Jyothi Basu