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MANISH NAI, Untitled I, 2010, natural and dyed jute on gateway paper and paint on canvas168 x 221 cm / 66 x 87 in


Manish Nai's solo show at Galerie Mirchandani + Steinruecke presents a significant widening of his repertoire. Apart from the jute-based work with which viewers are familiar, he displays drawings, sculptures, digital prints and an intricate site-specific painting. The shift to a number of new media is neither haphazard nor shallow, but a carefully considered way of extending his preoccupation with texture, dimensionality and illusion.

Manish says, \"Jute is a humble yarn typically used to make gunny bags, as packing material or to cover buildings under renovation. For me it is a material I have been familiar with and have extensively used in my work.\"

As a step forward, the left over jute threads very naturally move from the negative area of the canvas to the positive space of sculpture. The threads are layered in a mould and gently sprayed with water, over time meshing and forming a composite – like sedimentary deposits. The fragile wall painting created on site specifically for this exhibition – with its minimal dimensionality – can also be seen in the light of a sculptural painting.


Manish Nai