Exhibitions > 2006 > Visionary Antiquities

Order Breaks From Within, 2005, oil on canvas 183 x 214 cm, 72 x 84.2 inches


Jyothi Basu creates art that appears strikingly new, the result of a visionary eye trained on both the past and the future. There is a bit of science fiction in the artist's compendium of spectacle and effect, we witness his struggle to evoke a landscape that would do justice to ancient ways of seeing — what has happened previously. It is not improper to propose that the artist is commemorating, in a single moment, a sense of time that is both historical and futuristic. Basu is an artist who is committed to redeeming time.

We see in his black-and-white sketches marvelous free-hand efforts that call to mind mazes and housing tracts; many of the drawings introduce the language of a transcendent symbolism that joins Basu to his artistic predecessors even as he creates a postmodern world with his imagination.

Basu's landscapes are often organized using a rectilinear geometry not unlike the mappings of electronic circuitry. Everything pulsates in great stillness. In this light the works become a metaphor for our current cultural, and technological climate. They respond to how our advancement often forgets our history and comment at the same time on how the contemporary can only exist and is made possible by the seemingly neglected historical buttress.


Jyothi Basu