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EXHIBITIONS  >  2013  >  PARUL THACKER – Eternal Recurrence

'Eternal Recurrence' – Parul Thacker’s first solo exhibition – is an embodiment of her conception of space, discipline and beauty, which she opens up to interpretation.

Each of Parul’s materials has their own significance, which she preserves and expands through the geometric forms and archaic architectural structures of her multi-media installations. Melding contemporary thought and elements of traditional craft to attain high-abstraction in form, Parul is also interested in exploring the intersections of solidity and transience.  An abiding force for her has been the work of American architect and artist Lebbeus Woods.
Parul’s sculptures and wall-works explore structure through a material investigation of the everyday. These multi-media installations invoke a physical and sensory activation of their immediate surroundings. On entering the gallery, the viewer encounters a series of six works depicting three-dimensional geometric forms titled Zero Point Field, which Parul refers to as her ‘study drawings’. These have led to the large diptych, a dark grey composite of paper constructions, of varying heights and thickness. Parul meticulously wraps tubes with handmade paper, applying industrial paint and covering the surface with nylon fiber. The twisted handmade threads of polyester, coloured with natural pigment, radiate in all directions from each tube to the periphery of the work. The handmade structures gain different aspects: towers of a futuristic cityscape or a collection of archaeological objects. As such, her work transcends borders, enabling any story to be told, read and in turn become a woven component of a much larger unit.



Hindustan Times
By Riddhi Doshi
April 11, 2013 Time Out Mumbai
By Karanjeet Kaur
April 11, 2013