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EXHIBITIONS  >  2013  >  PARUL THACKER – Eternal Recurrence

The unique trans-disciplinary constructs of Parul Thacker portray the beauty of coincidental symmetries in nature and technology. The synthetic syncretizes with the organic, defining the domain of her canvas through the strength, beauty and purity of materials that she delineates in geometric structures.

Post a Bachelor’s Degree in textile design at the Sophia Polytechnic College of Art and Design in Mumbai, Thacker undertook a course in surface ornamentation at The National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad. Her background in weaving and embroidery led her to explore the invention of new stitches and forms, while a research of unconventional pigments such as ash led to the casting of material in new and ever-changing contexts. In ‘Eternal Recurrence’ - her first solo exhibition - the artist vitalizes tendencies toward material, method and space in an elaborate body of work which includes sculpture, installation, drawing and photography.



Hindustan Times
By Riddhi Doshi
April 11, 2013 Time Out Mumbai
By Karanjeet Kaur
April 11, 2013